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About The Affirmation Center

The Affirmation Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides counseling assistance to adult survivors of abuse, in a safe, structured, welcoming atmosphere. The Center was founded on August 25, 1992 by Rev. Ciro Iodice, O.F.M and a trained staff of volunteers, who provide a special service to those clients who have suffered psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual trauma. The Center offers Pastoral Counseling and Holisitc Counseling, recognizing that full functioning requires conscious attention to all aspects of the self; body, mind, feelings and spirit.

The Center has now expanded to also offer divorce and family mediation services.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Affirmation Center is to provide a safe, comfortable, peaceful environment that will help individuals experience spiritual healing, so that their God-given rights to dignity, self-esteem and self-respect can be restored and assured. This focus, therefore, enhances the ability to decrease or eliminate self-blame and increase self-determination and life satisfaction.

The healing process will affirm clients’ spiritual frame of reference by emphasizing and restoring hope and free will, thus empowering one’s own unique ways of awakening contemplation, resulting in their discovery that they are lovable and that they are loved by God.

1111 Langley Street, Fall River, Massachusetts 02720    
Rev. Ciro Iodice, O.F.M., Director
Therese Belisle, LMHC

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